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Other Companies for Instrumentation and Control for Plumbing
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Big City Plumbing Heating Inc Big City Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been a premier residential, commercial and industrial plumbing company since 1988. Servicing New York, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, providing quality service for our customers who've come to depend on our pr... Centereach, NY       URL
Crane Plumbing Crane Plumbing is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of plumbing fixtures and specialty plumbing products in North America. The Company's various products and product lines are manufactured in 20 facilities located throughout the Unit... Mansfield, OH       URL
Danaher Tool Group Danaher has a proven system for achieving performance: the Danaher Business System (DBS). It drives every aspect of the group\u0092s culture and performance. DBS is a system of continuous improvement and is used to guide and measure everyday activit... Washington, DC       URL
Exquisite Heat Exquisite Heat, provides the latest method to economize operation of heating and air conditioning control. By measuring Thermostat activity over time, HVAC source temperature ranges, reset control, are optimized to provide the exact comfort and BTU ... Pleasantville, NY       URL
Harrington Ind. Plastics Inc. Harrington Industrial Plastics is the nation\u0092s largest distributor of industrial plastic piping. With 39 branch locations in the continental U.S. and Hawaii, Harrington is a trusted leader in offering versatile products to meet the needs of a m... Elmhurst, IL       URL
Inphora, Inc. INPHORA (Institute for Photometry and Radiometry) Inc. was established in 1989, as a privately owned corporation. A typical "garage-company" start in the Silicon valley - started as a laboratory for calibration and optical measurements of filter-det... Concord, CA       URL

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