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Security Revolving Doors & Portals

The protection of employees, physical assets, and data is becoming more important and necessary than ever before. Security revolving doors and mantrap portals are unmanned entry solutions that reliably and predictably prevent tailgating and piggybacking into sensitive buildings or interior areas and provide a rapid payback on the investment. They operate with any type of access control technology and can accommodate two- or three-factor authentication to offer the highest-level of security available in a physical entrance.

Tourlock 180+90

This high security revolving door offers a high level of protection against tailgating and piggybacking while maximizing throughput.

Tourlock 120A

This automatic, 3-wing security door features piggybacking protection with successive, bi-directional traffic.

Tourlock 120S

This one-way automatic security door is ideal for high capacity, exit-only solutions.


This high security portal offers the best possible piggybacking protection for sensitive areas.

Circlelock Combi

This high security half portal enables piggybacking prevention in one easy retrofit.

TAP 50

This half portal is ideal for preventing piggybacking in retrofit applications.

TAP Cylindrical Portals

These single entry portals offer unique features, such as metal detection, for special applications.

TAP 250

This multipurpose security portal features an extended cabin length for ADA requirements.


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Dallas Police HQ Chooses Boon Edam  Security Doors to Secure Its Lobby Dallas Police HQ Chooses Boon Edam Security Doors to Secure Its Lobby
The department is located in the Jack Evans Police Headquarters building, which was built in 2003. It is 358,000 square feet, has six floors, is spread over a three-acre site, has a separate 1,200 car parking garage and a two-acre, open parking lot for...
Jul 19, 2019 URL

Brochures for Security Revolving Doors & Portals

Brochures for Security Revolving Doors & Portals
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Security Doors & Portals
Browse our selection of security revolving doors and mantrap portals for unmanned entry solutions that reliably prevent tailgating and piggybacking. To download the brochure, browse to the product that you are interested in and click the “Downloads” tab.
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