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Par-Kut International, Inc.

40961 Production Drive
City, state:
Harrison Township, MI
Postal code:
48045-01351 show map
United States

Manufacturer Of Custom & Standard Prefabricated Portable Steel Buildings. Built To Specifications, Uses Include: Guardhouses, Pay-On-Foot Station (APM) Enclosures & Shelters, Booths (Ticket, Parking Cashier, Inspection, Toll, & Information), Valet buildings, Shelters (Passenger, Bus, Shuttle, Smoking, and Attendant), In-Plant Offices, Equipment Sheds, Canopies, Ect… Par-Kut buildings are delivered completely assembled via flat bed truck. Many Options Available For Blending Buildings In With Surroundings. Bullet Resistant Construction, Built-in Restrooms & Application Specific Modular Aluminum Structures.

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Company Information from Par-Kut International, Inc.

Company Information from Par-Kut International, Inc.
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Products from Par-Kut International, Inc.

Products from Par-Kut International, Inc.
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
PAR-KUT STANDARD Designed to fit any budget, the simple and straight forward design of the Standard Par-Kut lends to a wide range of applications for commercial, industrial and governmental usage. Options available to this economical model are extensive, but the... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
PRESIDENTIAL Ideal for applications where visual first impressions are critical, the Par-Kut Presidential provides an impressive focal point for any setting. The Presidential’s traditional styling is often used to complement existing architecture. Standing... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
PARVUE The modern ParVue features butt glazing and wrap around glass to glass corners to maximize light and provide 360 degree visibility. Glazing extends fully to the soffit, eliminating headers and providing a clean, contemporary look. A 12” single... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
CURVUE Roll formed, round ended construction provides the superior strength of the Par-Kut Curvue. Curved wrap around windows improve visibility for occupants and also provide a very “roomy” feel to Curvue’s interior. Standard sizes include... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
CENTRY The modest radius corners of Par-Kut’s Centry offers a refreshing alternative to conventional rectangular booth design. Press formed corner construction provides added structural integrity and also increases usable interior space. Windows may... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
PAR-KUT #75HC Barrier Free Booth To accommodate disabled persons in your cashier operations, it is recommended that at least one (1) of your booths conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our model 75HC is a 5'-4" x 7'-6" unit, with the entry... Brochures   CAD details URL
PAR-KUT Bullet Resistant Enclosures Depending on usage and perceived threat level, Par-Kut Bullet Resistant Enclosures offer protection against weapons ranging from 9mm handguns to automatic assault weapons utilizing armor piercing bullets. Par-Kut Bullet Resistant Enclosures meet... Brochures   CAD details URL
Custom Solutions Par-Kut International has fulfilled more unique design and fabrication requests than any other portable steel building manufacturer. In recent years, extensive strides have been made in advancing metal fabrication technology. Staying abreast of... Brochures   CAD details URL
Preassembled Steel Shelters For transit, smoker or waiting shelter applications, Par-Kut portable, pre-assembled steel shelters are delivered user ready to the slab prepared site. Single unit shelters are of standard Par-Kut construction - welded galvanized steel with top hung... Brochures   CAD details URL
Modular Aluminum Shelters The Modular, On-Site built, STS-20 is Par-Kut's Economy panelized system routinely used for Bus, Smoking, Pay-On-Foot, Transit and/or Waiting Shelters. These easy to assemble units consist of Clear anodized aluminum framing extrusions and kick... Brochures   CAD details URL
PAR-KUT Quick Ship Program Par-Kut's Quick Ship program is the solution to the immediate requirement for basic steel buildings of top quality construction. Quick Ship buildings are built to Par-Kut's exacting standards using the same high quality materials evident in all... Brochures   CAD details URL

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(02800) Site Improvements and Amenities
(02875) Site and Street Shelter
(10530) Protective Cover
(10538) Canopies
(11100) Mercentile Equipment
(11150) Parking Control Equipment
(13030) Special Purpose Room
(13045) Special Rooms
(13046) Shelters and Booths
(13047) Shelters
(13050) Prefabricated Rooms
(13058) Bullet Resistant Protection Rooms
(13072) Blast-Resistant Construction
(13100) Lightning Protection
(13120) Pre-Engineered Structure
(13121) Pre-Engineered Buildings
(13122) Metal Building Systems
(13123) Glazed Structures
(13124) Portable and Mobile Buildings
(13126) Observatories
(13136) Portable & Mobile Buildings
(01 83 16) Exterior Enclosure Performance Requirements
(02 43 13.13) Building Relocation
(08 34 56) Security Gates
(08 56 53) Security Windows
(08 88 53) Security Glazing
(10 12 00) Display Cases
(10 73 00) Protective Covers
(10 73 13) Awnings
(10 73 16) Canopies
(10 73 23) Car Shelters
(10 73 26) Walkway Coverings
  (10 73 43) Transportation Stop Shelters
(11 12 13) Parking Key and Card Control Units
(11 12 16) Parking Ticket Dispensers
(11 12 26) Parking Fee Collection Equipment
(11 12 26.13) Parking Fee Coin Collection Equipment
(11 12 33) Parking Gates
(11 18 00) Security Equipment
(11 21 00) Mercantile and Service Equipment
(11 21 43) Weighing and Wrapping Equipment
(13 20 00) Special Purpose Rooms
(13 21 13) Clean Rooms
(13 21 26) Cold Storage Rooms
(13 21 48) Sound-Conditioned Rooms
(13 22 00) Office Shelters and Booths
(13 23 00) Planetariums
(13 24 16) Saunas
(13 24 26) Steam Baths
(13 24 66) Athletic Rooms
(13 26 00) Fabricated Rooms
(13 27 00) Vaults
(13 31 00) Fabric Structures
(13 31 23) Tensioned Fabric Structures
(13 34 00) Fabricated Engineered Structures
(13 34 13) Glazed Structures
(13 34 16) Grandstands and Bleachers
(13 34 19) Metal Building Systems
(13 34 23) Fabricated Structures
(13 34 56) Observatories
(13 44 00) Modular Mezzanines
(26 41 00) Facility Lightning Protection
(32 30 00) Site Improvements
(33 79 93) Site Lightning Protection
(34 42 29) Station Agent Equipment

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