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P.O Box 20910
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Canton, OH
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United States
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As a nationally recognized leader in the brick manufacturing industry since 1885, The Belden Brick Company offers numerous types of chemically resistant, face and paving brick in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Belden has established and sustained a widely recognized reputation for the quality of its products. Headquarters are located in Canton at 700 Tuscarawas Street, West and on the web at http://www.beldenbrick.com

Belden Brick is available in a world of colors including soft whites and creams, golden buffs and dusty tans, delicate pinks and cinnamon reds, chocolate browns, pewter grays and coal blacks. With so many colors to choose from your options are truly endless.

Sizes and Shapes
More sizes mean lower wall costs. With as many as sixteen different sizes to choose from Belden has the size you need. Plus, Belden has made thousands of special shapes to provide special details for individual projects. Need an "impossible" shape for your project? Then call Belden Brick and learn how the impossible can become reality.

Belden Brick offers thirteen different textures that range from silky smooth finishes to rugged randomly textured styles. Each texture can make its own distinctive contribution to the visual impact you seek.

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Company Information from Belden Brick Co.

Company Information from Belden Brick Co.
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Belden Brick Sweets Brochure
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Permeable Paving with Clay Pavers
Free Online Continuing Education Course; 1 hour program. Clay bricks have been used for construction projects such as walls and pavement for thousands of years. Fired bricks are one of the strongest and longest-lasting building materials and offer many advantages. This course discusses the advantages of using clay permeable paving in a construction project and how a permeable pavement system mitigates the damaging effects of stormwater runoff, and presents an overview of the design process.
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Products from Belden Brick Co.

Products from Belden Brick Co.
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Face bricks  More information Today's Belden Brick focuses on heritage. For texture, color, and overall character, Belden Brick is simply unsurpassed. Some of the most elegant forms of face brick are the uniquely designed treatments which enhance the character of The Great... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details  
Paving Brick Express your vision of comfortable living with brick pavers. Brick walks, patios and driveways add permanence no other paving material can match. Not all brick is intended for use or contact with ground on an extended basis. A SPECIAL NOTE... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Chemical Resistant Brick  More information Belden shale and fire clay chemical resistant brick offer engineers a wide range of utility in environments that involve aggressive corrosive conditions and elevated temperatures. These brick are currently in use in such industries as chemicals,... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Roman Brick Roman Brick is ideal for creating a distinct and different look to any structure. It characteristically has longer and more linear dimensions than those of standard modern brick. Belden Roman Brick was used on the restoration of the Famous Frank... Brochures     URL
Thin Brick Add the classic beauty of genuine brick to your home without adding the weight, mess and cost of concrete footings. Thin brick can be applied to virtually any existing interior or exterior wall.       URL
BrickScapes Outdoor Living Products Transform your yard, patio, or outdoor cafe into majestic gathering places with these beautiful brick outdoor entertainment pieces. Crafted from quality and made to stand up to the elements, these distinctive furnishings are meant to be enjoyed... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL

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(02700) Bases, Ballasts, Pavements and Appurtenance
(02775) Sidewalk
(02780) Unit Paver
(03450) Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete
(03460) Site-Precast Architectural Concrete
(04200) Masonry Unit
(04210) Clay Masonry Unit
(04220) Concrete Masonry Unit
(04400) Stone
(04410) Stone Materials
(04420) Collected Stone
(04430) Quarried Stone
(04600) Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
(04610) Chemical-Resistant Brick
(04800) Masonry Assemblies
(04810) Unit Masonry Assemblies
(04820) Reinforced Unit Masonry Assemblies
(04830) Non-Reinforced Unit Masonry Assemblies
(04840) Prefabricated Masonry Panel
(04850) Stone Assemblies
(09330) Quarry Tile
(09380) Cut Natural Stone Tile
(09630) Masonry Flooring
(09750) Stone Facing
(00 31 25.26) Existing Wood, Plastics, and Composites Information
(03 45 00) Precast Architectural Concrete
(03 45 13) Faced Architectural Precast Concrete
(03 47 00) Site-Cast Concrete
(04 01 60) Maintenance of Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
(04 06 60) Schedules for Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
(04 20 00) Unit Masonry
(04 21 00) Clay Unit Masonry
(04 21 13) Brick Masonry
(04 21 13.13) Brick Veneer Masonry
(04 21 13.23) Surface-Bonded Brick Masonry
(04 21 16) Ceramic Glazed Clay Masonry
(04 21 19) Clay Tile Masonry
(04 21 23) Structural Clay Tile Masonry
(04 21 26) Glazed Structural Clay Tile Masonry
(04 21 29) Terra Cotta Masonry
(04 22 00) Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 00.13) Concrete Unit Veneer Masonry
  (04 22 00.16) Surface-Bonded Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 19) Insulated Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23) Architectural Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23.13) Exposed Aggregate Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23.16) Fluted Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23.19) Molded-Face Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23.23) Prefaced Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23.26) Sound-Absorbing Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 23.29) Split-Face Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 22 33) Interlocking Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 25 00) Unit Masonry Panels
(04 27 00) Multiple-Wythe Unit Masonry
(04 27 13) Composite Unit Masonry
(04 27 23) Cavity Wall Unit Masonry
(04 40 00) Stone Assemblies
(04 41 00) Dry-Placed Stone
(04 42 16) Steel-Stud-Supported Stone Cladding
(04 42 19) Strongback-Frame-Supported Stone Cladding
(04 42 23) Truss-Supported Stone Cladding
(04 42 43) Stone Panels for Curtain Walls
(04 43 00) Stone Masonry
(04 60 00) Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
(04 61 00) Chemical-Resistant Brick Masonry
(09 30 16) Quarry Tiling
(09 30 33) Stone Tiling
(09 35 00) Chemical-Resistant Tiling
(09 35 16) Chemical-Resistant Quarry Tiling
(09 35 19) Chemical-Resistant Paver Tiling
(09 63 00) Masonry Flooring
(09 63 13) Brick Flooring
(09 63 13.35) Chemical-Resistant Brick Flooring
(09 63 40) Stone Flooring
(09 75 00) Stone Facing
(32 10 00) Bases, Ballasts, and Paving
(32 14 00) Unit Paving
(32 14 13) Precast Concrete Unit Paving
(32 14 13.13) Interlocking Precast Concrete Unit Paving
(32 14 13.16) Precast Concrete Unit Paving Slabs
(32 14 16) Brick Unit Paving
(32 14 23) Asphalt Unit Paving
(32 14 40) Stone Paving

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