About Auburn® Engineered Glass, Polycarbonate Multi-wall and Acrylic Skylights


Auburn® Engineered Glass, Polycarbonate Multi-wall and Acrylic Skylights

Major Industries created the Auburn® brand of glass skylights to give owners the greatest value possible for their dollar. Auburn® glass and plastic skylights aren't designed to span the largest openings; they're optimized for small and medium projects. If your opening spans less than 25 feet, Auburn's value-engineered design based on our computer-modeled extrusions will save time, money, and weight in your next daylighting project.


  • Barrel Vault Skylights
  • Half Round Skylights
  • Quarter Round Skylights
  • Single Slope Skylights
  • Standard Ridge Skylights
  • Hip Ridge Skylights
  • Pyramid Skylights
  • Gutter Systems
  • Cluster Systems
  • Product Benefits:

  • Designed with aesthetics in mind, Auburn skylights allow for maximum daylight.
  • Save money in initial cost and long-term energy expenses.
  • Continuous, clean look outside and abundant, natural daylight inside.
  • Adaptable for use in either large or small areas with our symmetrical gutter and cluster system.
  • High-performance extruded neoprene gaskets keep leaks out longer.
  • Guaranteed against defective materials and construction for one year from date of purchase, limited to repair or replacement at our discretion, excluding consequential damage, freight, and installation.
  • News

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      Project Spotlight: Hotel Vandivort’s Vantage Lounge – Springfield, MO
    In addition to providing efficient illumination and reducing the need for artificial lighting, the skylight’s sleek, geometric design and hip ridge configuration also contribute The Vantage’s unique aesthetic and luxuriously “open” interior feel. Aubu...
    Jun 13, 2023 URL

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    08520 - Aluminum Window
    08600 - Skylight
    08620 - Unit Skylight
    08630 - Metal-Framed Skylight
    08950 - Translucent Wall and Roof Assemblies
    08 45 00 - Translucent Wall and Roof Assemblies
    08 51 13 - Aluminum Windows
    08 60 00 - Roof Windows and Skylights
    08 62 00 - Unit Skylights
    08 62 13 - Domed Unit Skylights
    08 62 16 - Pyramidal Unit Skylights
    08 62 19 - Vaulted Unit Skylights
    08 63 00 - Metal-Framed Skylights
    08 63 13 - Domed Metal-Framed Skylights
    08 63 16 - Pyramidal Metal-Framed Skylights
    08 63 19 - Vaulted Metal-Framed Skylights
    08 63 23 - Ridge Metal-Framed Skylights
    08 63 53 - Motorized Metal-Framed Skylights

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