About Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

Stop and take a look at your garage floor for a minute. It’s ridiculously dirty, stained, damaged ugly and unsightly… Why have you let it get that bad? Isn’t it time to protect your garage floor and your investment?

With garage floor coatings from Elite Crete Systems, we can provide your garage with a durable, stain resistant finish that will increase the value of your home for less than you think. These coatings are NOT a paint or a do-it-yourself low quality epoxy. Instead, our epoxy garage floor coatings are made of professionally formulated, 100% solids epoxies, urethanes and polyaspartic resins. Our epoxy floor coatings are engineered to be tough, good looking, non-slip and long lasting for years to come.

With colors, design and patterns near limitless, we can go from mild to wild with multiple colors, custom logos, the ever popular racing checkerboard and so much more. All with ultimate durability being the main objective.

Benefits of Our Garage Floor Coatings:

  • NOT a paint of cheap epoxy kit like other similar looking finishes that are temporary
  • Virtually unlimited designs, patterns, color options and even custom logos
  • Complete project customization
  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas
  • Highly resistant to deicing salts, water, petrochemical spills and other contaminates
  • Very low maintenance compared to other finishes
  • Quick installation time
  • VOC free options – being “green” is important to us
  • Can be installed pre or post construction
  • For new or existing garage floors – even those in need of repair

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for Garage Floor Coatings

Brochures for Garage Floor Coatings
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Documents & Technical Data
Some of the most requested documents and technical data available. If you are looking for specification assistance or a document that is not listed, please contact us. Although there are some generic specifications listed, most times we need to custom build specification for architects.
Safety Data Sheets
Safety working with our products in one of our primary concerns. Familiarizing yourself with the correct, use, storage and handling of our products is a must. Although some products are mildly corrosive or flammable, even non-hazardous products must be used in a manner in which they were intended.
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Featured Projects
Here are just a few of our high profile, favorite and award winning projects from around the globe.

3-Part CSI specifications for Garage Floor Coatings

3-Part CSI specifications for Garage Floor Coatings
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Easy Specifications with 3-Part MANU-SPECS
Take the guesswork out of specifications on your next project with our CSI 3-Part MANU-SPECSĀ®. This section was designed with the architect, specifier, designer and property owner in mind. Feel confident in specifying the leading engineered specialty surface and flooring products. Although we do have a number of generic specifications listed, we specialize in working with specifiers to custom build specifications for each individual project.

CAD details for Garage Floor Coatings

CAD details for Garage Floor Coatings
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3-D Systems Models
If you are a specifier and need immediate access to 3-D models, contact us and we will assist you.

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