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Concrete Surface Restoration

Making old concrete look new again

With the aesthetic appeal of most of our products and systems being as beautiful as they are, most people forget that our polymer modified, cementitious products were originally engineered as durable, permanent concrete surface restoration products and solutions. If you look around, you see structurally sound concrete that is surface deteriorated or stained everywhere. The sad part about it is that most property owners accept it due to the high cost of tearing it out and replacing it.

In the project featured above you can see that a driveway was not only old and pitted but laden with expansion cracks as well. Although we do not always recommend attempting to repair all cracks, the key to the success of this project was the installation of many additional saw cuts that act as the new tension relief areas.

The pool deck resurfacing project illustrates a concrete surface repair but the end result was a decorative concrete finish rather than a plain gray broom finish. Yes, the same products that produce the concrete restoration create the decorative concrete applications as well.

Concrete driveway restoration

You can see from the before and after photos depicted below that the concrete driveway was not all the same color. What you cant see from the photo is the surface damage caused from deicing salt. The solution was achieved with THIN-FINISH™ Pre-Mixed Overlay as an initial skim/bond coat followed by an additional coat of THIN-FINISH™ as the repair and then the broom coat. Once the coating was allowed to dry overnight, two coats of CSS EMULSION™ was applied to further protect the surface from stains and salt damage.

3-Part CSI specifications for Concrete Surface Restoration

3-Part CSI specifications for Concrete Surface Restoration
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Easy Specifications with 3-Part MANU-SPECS
Take the guesswork out of specifications on your next project with our CSI 3-Part MANU-SPECSĀ®. This section was designed with the architect, specifier, designer and property owner in mind. Feel confident in specifying the leading engineered specialty surface and flooring products. Although we do have a number of generic specifications listed, we specialize in working with specifiers to custom build specifications for each individual project.

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