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Exterior Applications

StoneLite™ panels have over 25 years of proven performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the world. After many years of exposure to many different environments and after being subjected to extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes and hurricanes, the panels remain durable and continue to perform.

The StoneLite™ panel system and its installing components have been thoroughly tested by leading independent testing laboratories. They have proven performance in bond strength and flexural strength following acid freeze/thaw and UV radiation exposure. They are accepted by I.C.C. (formerly ICBO) and other code bodies for unrestricted use as exterior cladding for Type I buildings. They offer the advantage of construction speed and cost effectiveness. The lightweight panels are easy to handle, so an entire building can be laid out in advance and arranged for blending the color and the natural stone grain prior to fabrication and installation. "We have always been impressed by the strength and durability of StoneLite™ panels. Beyond the structural effieciency of the system, we've found that StoneLite™ panels offer significant advantages in material selection opportunities. It opens the door for the efficient use of more diverse natural materials that are not traditionally recommended for building exteriors in harsh climates." - Brian Sell, AIA, Project Designer, NBBJ Design

StoneLite™ panels can be economically fabricated to form natural stone column covers, cornices and other massive shapes. They offer the advantages of construction speed, durability and cost effectiveness for buildings such as the Silver Star Casino in Philadelphia, MS. "StoneLite™ panels allow complete flexibility for the designer. We were able to design large expanses of exterior limestone walls, plus massive column covers and cornices, ornate marble column bases and capitals. In addition, the panels were quickly and efficiently installed at a very affordable price." Alton Lewis, Project Architect, Wynn Associates.

Many architects such as McCool Carlson Green have conducted extensive research, reviewing test data and contacting owners of completed projects before specifying StoneLite™ panels for the Nesbett Courthouse in Anchorage, Alaska. They selected StoneLite™ for its strength and ability to withstand the flexing and movement possible during seismic activity. Now, after many years of exposure to the Alaskan environment and at least one significant earthquake, the panels remain durable and intact. "StoneLite™ was the only stone product we found that was light enough and strong enough to meet our severe seismic criteria. Although this product had never been used before in Alaska your extensive track record and testing gave us the confidence we needed to specify StoneLite™." Michael P. Carlson, McCool Carlson Green, Architects.

StoneLite™ panels have withstood the test of nature. Installed in 1986, the StoneLite™ panels on the 10,000 North Central Building in Dallas, Texas look as good today as the day they were installed. They have withstood the extreme Texas heat and even a brush with tornado force winds which blew some of the glass out of the building but did not damage the panels. "By using the StoneLite™ technology, we were able to have the rich beauty of natural stone with significant cost savings." Don Shine, Paragon Group, Dallas, Texas. The lightweight panels are easy to handle, so an entire building elevation can be laid out at the Stone Panels' factory yard, and arranged for blending color and the natural stone grain prior to fabrication. Panels are then individually numbered to correspond with shop drawings. After fabrication, they are shipped to the job site for quick and simple installing.

Reckson Associates Realty Corporation, the leading owner of Class A office properties in the New York Tri-State area, selected StoneLite™ panels for durability, color consistency and construction speed on several buildings. The panels were factory attached to steel stud framing in sections as large as 10 ft. x 33 ft. (3 m x 10 m). The prepanelized sections where then trucked to the jobsite and hung using a mobile crane. This allowed the building to be completely closed in just weeks instead of the months it normally takes with piece at a time construction. Prepanelized construction enabled the building to be opened and generating revenue much sooner than with traditional construction greatly reducing interim financing costs.

The tallest building in Russia, 33 story, 360-ft (110 m) is clad with StoneLite™ Sardo Gray and New Crystal White granite panels. The StoneLite™ system was selected because the strength of the system exceeds that of dimensional stone, and the installing time for StoneLite™ granite was substantially reduced as compared to heavy solid stone. The ease of installation enables installers from all parts of the world to quickly adapt to our system and produce quality projects. With only one week of on-site training, the local Russian carpenters were able to rapidly install this 33 story building using simple hand tools and a suspended platform. No expensive, heavy equipment or specialized labor was required. StoneLite™ panels provide a natural stone facade to a building while insuring that it is an extremely strong, safe installation that will withstand the test of time.


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Stone Panels at Macdonald Saint Paul’s Hotel Stone Panels at Macdonald Saint Paul’s Hotel
Lightweight aluminium honeycomb panels faced with ultra-thin Stanton Moor sandstone fixed on a lightweight steel frame. That’s the solution used to satisfy planners’ and architects’ desire to use the local stone for the new 15,000m2, 156-bed Macdonald ...
Jul 23, 2019 URL

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Brochures for Exterior Applications

Brochures for Exterior Applications
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StoneLite® panels can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used anywhere solid dimensional stone is used, but also in applications where dimensional stone is too heavy to be economically used. Below are some common uses for StoneLite® panels, but the possibilities are only limited by imagination.
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Downloads page
Here you will find links to download our standard details, specification, installation instructions and some information about stone care. The buttons to the left will allow you to view all of these documents prior to downloading.
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StoneLite® has been used on projects in all different climates and parts of the world. Below are links to pictures of a small sampling of the many projects we have completed.
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3-Part CSI specifications for Exterior Applications

3-Part CSI specifications for Exterior Applications
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CAD details for Exterior Applications

CAD details for Exterior Applications
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CAD Details, in DWG/PDF format. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the proper attachment system and will create custom details specific to your project. Just contact our Technical Services Staff at (800)328-6275 or (469)635-5000. DWG/PDF 31 kB   Download

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