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Specialty Applications

With StoneLite™ panels, you can now have natural stone anywhere. Our panels are commonly used in places previously thought weight or cost prohibitive. When using StoneLite™ panels, you are only limited by your imagination. Below are some of the more common specialty uses for our panels.

Our reinforced StoneLite™ granite and marble is often selected for the very finest aircraft cabins. Due to it's flexible yet lightweight properties, it is most commonly used for counter tops, floors, bulkheads, furniture and wall cladding.

StoneLite™ marble, granite, limestone and onyx weighs 80% less than solid stone. These natural stone panels offer elegance, beauty and durability for yacht floors, bulkheads, countertops and furniture without the weight that would otherwise reduce speed and increase power requirements. StoneLite™ panels are tough and durable. They offer fantastic impact resistance and flexural strength provided by our patented manufacturing process. They can resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 3 cm solid granite. We offer low lifecycle cost because StoneLite™ is virtually maintenance free. Clad it and forget it with long lasting low maintenance StoneLite™.

Cruise ship
Designers for the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth 2 were recently faced with the challenge of refurbishing 44 bathrooms with marble wall cladding and flooring. The extravagance of large size panels rather than cheap looking tile was desired, but heavy slabs presented problems including the logistical procedure for workmen who would handle and distribute the stone from the on-deck delivery location to the individual rooms. In addition, all work had to be completed during a 7 day maintenance docking period. Stone Panels engineers, working with Cunard designers (MET Studio), devised an economical attachment procedure and developed the logistics for speedy installation of this lightweight marble. Stone Panels had eight teams of two man carpenter crews who completed all of the panel installing in only five days. Existing surfaces are easily covered. There is no need for additional structural support. In-place costs are significantly reduced. Lightweight StoneLite™ panels are economically transported, easy to handle and can be field-cut on site. Standard carpentry tools are used for accurate installation by any skilled craftsman. Heavy equipment is not necessary. Large size panels provide design flexibility.

Furniture manufacturers have discovered the many advantages of our lightweight natural stone. They have experienced production cost savings, lower freight cost, less handling damage and reduced claims. Combining aerospace technology with the timeless beauty of natural stone, StoneLite™ panels permit the creation of prestigious furniture with many economies. Special fabrications are available to suit specific finishing detail needs.

StoneLite™ panels make an excellent choice for signage due to their lightweight and flexibility. The panels can be water jet cut or custom engraved to provide unlimited possibilities. In the signs shown, different types of marble, granite, and limestone have been water jet cut and inlayed to form the letters and logos.

3-Part CSI specifications for Specialty Applications

3-Part CSI specifications for Specialty Applications
Description Format Size Download
SPI Spec Section 04 42 00 DOC 73 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 04 42 00 PDF 76 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 04 42 00 TXT 12 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 07 42 00 DOC 64 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 07 42 00 PDF 76 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 07 42 00 TXT 12 kB Download

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