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Angelica Nurseries, Inc.

11129 Locust Grove Rd.
City, state:
Kennedyville, MD
Postal code:
21645 show map
United States
(800) 867-7673
(410) 928-3111
(410) 928-3044

Angelica Nurseries is the landscape professional's source of select nursery stock. Three generations of nurserymen tested thousands of cultivars to select over 500 currently under production on site in Kennedyville, Maryland. Angelica's continual commitment to customers and industry is the selection and production of high quality nursery products that are the proven choices of our customer base. Angelica seeks to improve the selection of cultivars by testing and cultivating plant materials that are improvements to the recognized old favorites. Ideally situated between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the nursery now encompasses over 2000 acres including some of the best Sassafras silt loam in the state. Today, Angelica is home to a wide variety of woody ornamentals, broad- and narrow-leaved evergreens, and deciduous shrubs, including many of the original stock plants. The primary focus today has changed little from the initial family mission statement of the 1960's: To produce a heavy, landscape grade plant grown to the highest standards.

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(02900) Planting
(02905) Transplanting
(02920) Lawns and Grasses
(02930) Exterior Plant
(02935) Plant Maintenance
(12810) Interior Live Plant
(11 93 00) Horticultural Equipment
(31 22 19.13) Spreading and Grading Topsoil
(32) Exterior Improvements
(32 01 90) Operation and Maintenance of Planting
(32 01 90.29) Topsoil Preservation
(32 01 90.33) Tree and Shrub Preservation
(32 05 33) Common Work Results for Planting
(32 06 90) Schedules for Planting
  (32 06 90.13) Planting Schedule
(32 90 00) Planting
(32 91 13.26) Planting Beds
(32 92 00) Turf and Grasses
(32 92 26.13) Stolonizing
(32 93 00) Plants
(32 93 23) Plants and Bulbs
(32 93 33) Shrubs
(32 93 43) Trees
(32 96 00) Transplanting
(32 96 13) Ground Cover Transplanting
(32 96 23) Plant and Bulb Transplanting
(32 96 33) Shrub Transplanting
(32 96 43) Tree Transplanting

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