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Accu Aire Controls is a major independent manufacturer of laboratory air flow control systems for the new and retrofit markets. Their systems have been installed in industrial, medical, educational and governmental laboratories, etc. They have been specifically designed so that they can provide a single source responsibility for all airflow and temperature control concerns within the designated laboratory area. They provide proper airflow control for the various typical catalog designs of fume hoods and also for the custom fume hoods found in industrial laboratories which may include walk-in capability, multiple sashes and even back to back designs wherein the backs of the hoods can be removed to provide a total walk through capability. Interface options are available for any building management system. The interface data acquisition cards can be installed and wired by Accu*Aire Controls in their control panels with the only required field wiring provided by the BMS to their computer. This again is a very cost effective arrangement. The ASPS utilizes a sensor with an adjustable field of vision to detect motion / presence in front of a fume hood. When motion / presence is detected the vertical sash opens automatically to a preset (adjustable) height. When motion/presence is no longer detected and after a preset (adjustable) time period, the vertical sash closes automatically. An infrared sensor mounted on the bottom of the sash prevents the sash from closing fully if any obstruction has been left in the path of the sash. The ASPS permits access into the fume hood whenever required to set up and / or modify a procedure. At all other times the sash is closed. Thusly, the ASPS maximizes safety and also guarantees an operational diversity which permits laboratory air flow control systems to function over their complete turn down capabilities resulting in significant savings in operating costs.

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(11 - 16 Div.) Equipment
(11600) Laboratory Equipment
(15900) HVAC Instrumentation and Control
(15930) Self-Powered Control
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  (11 53 00) Laboratory Equipment
(11 53 13) Laboratory Fume Hoods
(11 53 13.13) Recirculating Laboratory Fume Hoods
(23 09 00) Instrumentation and Control for HVAC
(40 92 33) Self-Contained Flow Controllers

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