About Radiation Shielded Lead Doors

Radiation Shielded Lead Doors

Ray-Bar Engineering designs and manufactures superior quality radiation doors in a variety of styles. Our lead lined doors meet or exceed all required specifications for radiation and x-ray shielding. Our line of radiation doors includes:

Lead Lined Wood Doors

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Solid Core Wood Doors available in 10 standard lead thickness levels and many natural wood and plastic laminate veneers for swing or sliding door assemblies. Installation applications include Medical Diagnostic Imaging Rooms and Industrial Radiation Shielding Applications meeting NCRP reports #47 and #149

Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors available in 15 standard protective lead thickness levels in primed steel up to and including 90min UL fire ratings for swing or sliding door assemblies.

Optional plastic laminate veneer faces. Installation applications for Radiation Oncology Cancer Therapy Radiation Rooms and Industrial or NDT X-Ray Gamma Radiation Shielding Applications meeting NCRP reports #47 and #149

Neutron Shielded Doors

Ray-Bar Neutron Shielded Doors with borated polyethylene and lead filled cores available swinging or sliding for shielding Thermal Neutrons or Fast Neutrons and High Energy X-Ray Gamma Radiation in Oncology Cancer Therapy Radiation Rooms and Linear Accelerators meeting NCRP reports#38, #51 and #79. These doors can weigh from 1,200 to 40,000 lbs per leaf depending on core requirements

Industrial Sliding Doors

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Industrial Sliding Doors available in 15 standard lead thickness levels in primed steel or stainless steel with overhead track and hardware. Available single or bi-parting pairs. Installation applications for Industrial or NDT X-Ray Gamma Radiation Shielding


Lead Shielded Door Sweeps, Lead Lined Locksets, Shielded Thresholds, Lead Lined Astragals, Light Proof Ventilation Louvers,Lead Lined Vision Frames with X-Ray Safety Glass, Shielded Peep-Hole View Ports and Pre-Formed Frame Lead Lining Kits

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for Radiation Shielded Lead Doors

Brochures for Radiation Shielded Lead Doors
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Green / LEED
Lead's Green Facts and Aspects
Radiation Protection Materials Catalog
When protection is required, there is no substitute for skill and experience
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3-Part CSI specifications for Radiation Shielded Lead Doors

3-Part CSI specifications for Radiation Shielded Lead Doors
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CSI Specs
Our products have been inspected and tested to meet or exceed all specification requirements, unless otherwise stated.
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CAD details for Radiation Shielded Lead Doors

CAD details for Radiation Shielded Lead Doors
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Detail Drawings
Assembled Products, Single Products, Assembly Systems, Specific Details for Lead Lined Wall/Partitions

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