Bilingual Guidebook Offered by Landscape Lighting Manufacturer

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Aug 05, 2005

CAST Lighting, a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, announced the release of a newly revised edition of its instructional guidebook, “Landscape Lighting Installation.” This new edition features both English and Spanish versions in a back-to-back format.

David Beausoleil, President of CAST Lighting, explains, “Professional Landscape Lighting is a fast-growing industry that employs large numbers of Spanish-speaking workers. There are limited resources for the training of these workers and virtually no instructional manuals in Spanish. We decided to invest in the translation of our manual because it provides a simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step approach to landscape lighting installation. This learning resource empowers the Spanish-speaking worker to fully understand the process and achieve greater success in the business.”

While it is a relatively young company, CAST Lighting has gained a reputation as an innovative solution provider. Countering many prevailing trends in the lighting industry, CAST Lighting offers a small line of high quality solid bronze and copper fixtures and price them affordably. CAST also attributes its increasing success to its focus on education and support. This year, over 1,000 contractors from across the nation received intensive hands-on training from CAST.

David Beausoleil remarks, “Training and support are our number one priorities. The CAST sales staff spends more time in the field with new contractors than they do selling. We also have an aggressive ongoing project to build an online knowledge base of the Art and Science of Landscape Lighting. First time visitors to our website are surprised to find hundreds of pages of education and online tools to support their lighting businesses.”

The bilingual CAST Lighting manual, “Landscape Lighting Installation” is included along with CAST transformers and is also available free-of-charge by contacting CAST Lighting at (800) 914-CAST or info @ The document is also available as a download from the CAST web site.

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