New Old El Paso 4” Series outdoor lighting poles from Niland Company


Niland Company has added the Old El Paso 4" model to its Niland Series of cast aluminium outdoor lighting poles.

Our Niland Series Cast Aluminum products are considered our High end line within our cast aluminum family. These products offer the same style and versatility of our municipal line but are scaled down. Cast aluminum is a more affordable option. This series is fabricated with large decorative cast aluminum bases which are matted to 5-inch deep-fluted extruded shafts, variable in heights of up to 16 feet. This series is flexible because the shafts can be cut to any length you may require. These shafts are also available in a 5-inch smooth version as well. These two shaft options are stocked here in our factory and can be turned around quickly if needed. The last shaft option within this series is our formed tapered and fluted aluminum shaft. This is a more affordable way of achieving the look of a tapered and fluted pole for considerably less than an all cast aluminum pole base and shaft. We do have a minimum order requirement on the formed tapered fluted shaft of 20 units. For this reason we always recommend our customers use our standard 5-inch fluted extruded shafts. This is our most popular product line.

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