Knauf introduces Perimeter Plus Blow-in-Blanket System

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Sep 04, 2006

Knauf Insulation announces the introduction of Perimeter Plus, a high-quality blowing insulation specifically designed for use with the Blow-in-Blanket System (BIBS). Blowing Perimeter Plus into closed cavities behind Perimeter Plus netting provides complete, consistent coverage with high R-value performance.

Knauf Insulation's Perimeter Plus Blow-In-Blanket System offers the highest R-value possible, delivering up to an R-15 in 2x 4 construction and an R-23 in 2 x 6 construction. Perimeter Plus fills gaps and voids in the wall cavity to create a thermal barrier from the outside air and also reduced sound transmission from room to room-as much as a 4 to 10 point improvement in STC (sound transmission class) ratings.

BIBS is a patented netting system that holds loose-fill fiber glass in place within the cavity, and has been tested and proven in the field. Because Perimeter Plus is engineered specifically for the blow-in-blanket application, it doesn't settle within the cavity, assuring its thermal and acoustical performance. Perimeter Plus is also certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute as a low-emitting product, assuring excellent indoor air quality performance.

Knauf Insulation has built a reputation for premium quality and easy handling. Knauf batts are preferred by the professional contractor for low dust and quick installation, and its Jet Stream Blowing Insulation for attics offers a faster process speed with market leading coverage for R-30 efficiency. Perimeter Plus offers the same quality, blowing in smooth and consistent with excellent installed performance. Perimeter Plus enhances Knauf's building insulation line with another excellent option for interior and exterior wall cavities, and any irregular space where a blown-in product can achieve better coverage and R-value.