Penetron cavity-fill method


The Penetron cavity-fill method is very effective for solving the problem of rising damp and situations where dampness is present in walls and it needs to be dried out with minimal surface damage. It is done by drilling holes 2.0cm to 2.5cm in diameter in a 15 to 20cm on center pattern at an angle of 40° to 80° up to three-quarters of the way through the wall. Wash out cut holes. Remove free-standing water from holes with a vacuum or blow out with air.

Using a funnel or pump, pour loose slurry to fill drilled out cavity. Gently tap each drilled hole with sized wood dowel or steel bar. Close cavity (drilled hole) off with Penecrete Mortar. The slurry-filled cavity allows the active chemicals in Penetron to react with moisture, creating an insoluble crystalline formation within the concrete pores and capillary canals. In this way the wall eventually becomes permanently sealed and water and dampness are excluded from any direction. The system actually improves over time as the crystals reach greater depth and increase in density. It may be necessary in cases of matrix deterioration to drill adjoining holes and fill the cavities with fresh cement mortar to allow Penetron something of substance to work on, and then fill the adjoining hole as per Penetron method.