Knauf Insulation and Carroll Insulation help family overcome high energy bills

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Works with Alliance to Save Energy in “Energy Efficiency Challenge”

Knauf Insulation has partnered with Carroll Insulation, an insulation contractor based in Eldersburg, Maryland, and the Washington DC-based Alliance to Save Energy to highlight the need for energy efficiency by helping a DC family save on winter heating bills.

As part of its “6 Degrees of Energy Efficiency Challenge,” the Alliance to Save Energy is emphasizing the impact that can be made in monthly utility bills by practicing energy-efficient behaviors like adding and upgrading home insulation. The Alliance personalized this message by selecting the Robinson/Fauntroy home in the Bloomingdale section of Washington for an energy makeover; Knauf and Carroll Insulation pitched in by providing insulation for this century-old home.

The home makeover is the kick-off for the “6 Degrees” effort, a new nationwide campaign focused on consumers. As a supporter of the Alliance, Knauf Insulation is one of the 30 companies, government agencies, trade associations, environmental groups and others who have committed their time and resources to educate consumers about easy steps they can take to save money.

The Robinson/Fauntroy home has been in the family for three generations but has fallen into disrepair; the financial burden of keeping up with repairs and utility bills was taking its toll on family members who work multiple jobs just to meet expenses.

Carroll Insulation CrewWhen Matt Helminiak, Branch Manager for Carroll Insulation, and fellow crewmembers Robert Miller and Charles Wlajnitz, arrived at the Robinson/Fauntroy home, they found it had never been insulated. In less than an hour, the Carroll Insulation crew blew Knauf Jet Stream ® Blowing Insulation to an R-49 in the attic and installed R-38 fiber glass batts in the crawlspace under a decades-old addition to the house.

“Adding fiber glass insulation above minimum building requirements should significantly reduce the monthly energy bill for the family and make their home a lot more comfortable,” said Helminiak. In fact, the morning after the insulation had been installed, the Robinson/Fauntroy family said they could feel an “immediate difference” and expressed their appreciation to both Knauf and Carroll Insulation for their newly insulated attic, crawlspace, and air sealing package.

Alliance President Kateri Callahan unveiled the results of the energy efficiency home makeover at a November 15th press event held on the home's front porch. Joining her on the podium were Alliance Chair, Senator Mark Pryor (D-AZ) and John Wellinghoff, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. “Energy efficiency is for everyone,” said Callahan. “You don't have to be a millionaire to make easy changes that can add up to real impacts. We conducted a makeover of a needy family's home to demonstrate many of the easy things you can do to start saving energy and money immediately.”

The insulation and other energy savings measures installed in the home are expected to save the family $1,000 this winter alone.

The Alliance has set the goal of 100,000 people taking steps to save energy by Spring of 2007. More information on the “6 Degrees of Energy Efficiency Challenge” can be found at

Commenting on Knauf's participation in the Alliance initiative and home makeover, Knauf Insulation President, Bob Claxton said, “We're very pleased to be part of a campaign that highlights the simple, inexpensive steps every homeowner can take to reduce their energy costs. Insulating the Robinson/Fauntroy home is perhaps the most thermally-efficient and cost-effective way for the family to save energy and make their home quieter and more comfortable to live in. Thanks to Carroll Insulation for their help in this very important endeavor.”

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