Available now: The Eyeleds® PowerEYE 360® built-up ring!

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A great new accessory for the PowerEYE® 360 version is available now! This high grade aluminum ring offers an extremely easy solution to use PowerEYE® (and other existing Eyeleds® versions) as a built-up fixture without the necessity of drilling the usual 40mm hole. PowerEYE® 360 with built-up ring is perfectly suited for use under kitchen cabinets, in display cases, book cases, to name a few.

Eyeleds® PowerEYE®

The Eyeleds® PowerEYE®: a revolutionary change in the world of lighting
Energy consuming downlights, heat problems, changing out light bulbs and the necessity for a lowered ceiling when installing recessed lighting are things from the past from now on! By introducing the PowerEYE® innovation, it is now possible to create functional indoor lighting solutions by means of power LED technology. This LED light source has been integrated into the ultra-flat Eyeleds® construction and offers the same light output as a conventional (halogen) light source. Decoration meets functionality!

The PowerEYE® is available in two models: the PowerEYE® 360 comes with an open lens and the PowerEYE® 180 comes with a half shaded lens (see models). Due to the extremely low build-in depth, applications are unlimited. PowerEYE® is perfectly suitable to apply lighting in for example tiles, stairs, walls, skirting boards and ceilings. The two versions are creating new design opportunities and simultaneously offering functional lighting solutions.

The advantages of PowerEYE®:

  • a build-in depth of just 6,5mm offering a wide variety of applications;
  • energy saving (1,5W per light);
  • long lifespan up to 50.000 hours;
  • IP67 protection against dust and moisture;
  • tested in environments from -30°C to +65°C;
  • provided with special lens technology for a better light output performance;
  • minimal heat development (the light stays below 55°C);
  • UV resistant materials;
  • easy installation.

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