Available soon: PowerEYE® "Warm-White" Version!

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Aug 31, 2007

With the PowerEYE® introduction just a few months ago, Eyeleds® has taken a successful first step towards advancing LED lighting technology from purely decorative and becoming a truly ambient light!

Eyeleds® was one of the first companies in the world to bring the Lumileds K2 PowerLED into the market and have amazingly been able to integrate this state-of-the-art light source into our ultra-flat, low-profile Eyeleds® fitting.

The present PowerEYE® 360 (60° beam angle) and 180 (45° beam angle) versions offer a relatively white 5500K light, providing a clean, modern and architectural look. Due to the increasing demand for a warmer light with a more classical look, Eyeleds® presently develops alternative versions, offering a color temperature of around 3200K, to be introduced at the end of 2007.

PowerEYE® 360 products are ideally suited for use in ceilings, under kitchen cabinets, display cases, book cases, recessed cubbies and more. The PowerEYE® 180 creates a wall-wash effect when installed into vertical surfaces such as tiles, wood, drywall, stucco and plaster.

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