The Preferred Auditorium Chair


Traveling back in time to silent films, moviegoers were fascinated with motion pictures. Now, new technology and special effects have brought more magic to the screen. Preferred brings seating magic into your movie experience with our new, ergonomically designed no break polypropylene auditorium chairs. Seating should accommodate the patrons need for a durable, comfortable space to sit in for long programs. Our auditorium chair fills this need with its convex, concave ergonomic design that supports the entire body promoting good posture.

Preffered Seating - Manufacturer of Fine Public Seating
We sell seating, theatre seating, stadium seats, theater chairs and auditorium seating.Our many styles of auditorium chairs will accommodate architectural design from modern to any historical period. We offer cinema, movie, theatre chairs and church seating with varying seat widths, back pitch, shape, and color. Our theater seats have ergonomic design for comfort and state of the art styling. The strength and durability is warranted to out perform other theater seating. We offer chairs for churches, auditoriums, theaters, and home theaters.

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