Focus on sewage treatment plants


Increasing numbers of sewage treatment plant designers are turning to Penetron solutions as they offer both long term integral waterproofing AND long term protection against chemical attack. Moreover, there is practically no maintenance required.

BRAZIL - Taubate - Sao Paulo SABESP sewage treatment plant
SABESP, the largest basic sanitation company in Latin America utilized the Penetron system in accomplishing their mission of providing impartial universal sanitation and improving both health and quality of life of the residents in São Paulo. This SABESP sewage treatment plant is located In Taubate, São Paulo in the region of Vale do Paraiba, one of the most industrialized regions in Brazil. This plant received a design award from the National Water Agency. After extensive internal lab tests proved the benefits of Penetron in protecting concrete, the Penetron system was chosen to protect all the tanks and seal the existing shrinkage cracks. Penetron's effectiveness was visible to the customer as nearly all leaks and cracks were sealed within 2 weeks (see photos below). The SABESP plant will treat all of the sewage of both Taubate and the adjacent region of Tremembe totaling a combined population of over 300'000 people. The current capacity of the first phase is set at 1'050 l/s and will increase approximately 40% to 1'450 l/s by the year 2020.

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