Nawkaw becomes official US supplier for Reckli Concrete Formliners


Nawkaw Corporation has been selected to represent RECKLI Form Liners as the official US distributor for their products. Nawkaw is the exclusive distributor for RECKLI formliners for concrete, plaster and GFRC throughout the United States. Reckli has been the world leader in reusable formliner manufacturing for over 40 years with distributors around the world, including the United Arab Emirates, China, Germany, and France. Nawkaw is proud to offer you a quality formliner with a guarantee of 100 pours and the only formliner line to offer seamless repair and re-sizing.

Setting RECKLI formliners apart from other manufacturers is the flexibility of the formliner. So flexible, in fact, intricate and extremely detailed designs are possible. Custom formliners can also be developed to suite your one-of-a-kind project needs putting your company ahead of the competition when it comes to architectural details.

RECKLI is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of elastic formliners, moulds and liquid rubbers for many industries specializing in attractive surface modulation and shaping of exposed concrete. RECKLI formliners are used in precasting factories and in cast-in-place concrete with millions of square feet and miles of structured concrete as projects reference.

Nawkaw will also offer supporting products like demoulding materials, formliners adhesive and cleanser, filler and thickener or cement-bound products. The type and quality of concrete does not limit the use and application of RECKLI formliners. Whether your product is standard concrete or one using heavy or lightweight aggregates, white cement, colored concrete or concrete with pigments, Reckli products will continue to produce a quality finished product pour after pour. RECKLI formliners can also be used with self-compacting concrete and fiber reinforced concretes such as glass fibers where it has been used successfully for many years.

Before green was such a prominent term for the construction industry, Nawkaw was already manufacturing and applying environmentally-friendly stains for brick, mortar and concrete. Utilizing a water base, with a low VOC content, Nawkaw stains even withstand twenty-five years or more of weathering, and lessening the environmental effects of stripping and recoating. These products can also help earn the necessary credits for your LEED Certified Project. For tight project deadlines, we can also restore, repair, and clean your concrete and masonry prior to our color application. Please explore our site for color change photos of many of our projects including hospitality and healthcare facilities, historical restorations, commercial and residential, religious buildings and monuments and transportation and government facilities.

Nawkaw Corporation has been in the US for 21 years and is the leader in masonry and concrete color treatment. Using our own lab tested proprietary products and labor force we offer a 25- year warranty on product and labor. Nawkaw’s products are considered to be the standard for masonry and concrete color applications. Our crews are trained in application and are also OSHA certified. Nawkaw even carries insurance coverage, up to 5 million per project/on a per project basis, for your protection.

To find a Nawkaw/Reckli representative in your area or to inquire about our products call 1-800-905-2692, or visit to see available patterns and accessories.

About Nawkaw Corporation:

Applicators and manufacturers of masonry stains designed to permeate brick, block, mortar, pre-cast, concrete, stucco, and manufactured stone. The process is utilized in decorative re-coloring, renovation, restoration, and corrective coloring projects. Nawkaw is proud to be the Official US Distributor for RECKLI formliners. Reckli has been the world leader in formliner manufacturing for over 40 years, with distributors worldwide.

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