El Rey Fiber-47™

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El Rey Fiber-47™ is a fiber-reinforced factory blended portland cement scratch and brown coat available in both sanded or non-sanded versions.
Fiber-47 meets all ASTM C 926 requirements for scratch and brown basecoats. Fiber-47 is subject to rigorous factory quality control. The benefit to the customer is a highly controlled single source product that will go onto the wall consistently and efficiently. Fiber-47 eliminates the need for field mixed basecoats. Only sand and water are added to non-sanded Fiber-47, and only water to sanded Fiber-47 at the jobsite, promoting the final quality of the product.

  • Fiber reinforcement provides increased crack resistance for long-term durability
  • Extremely impact resistant
  • Easier to trowel and pump than jobsite field mixes, resulting in faster application time, reducing scaffolding time and costs
  • Consistent factory blended, fiber-reinforced replacement for jobsite scratch and brown mixes ensures consistency in component ratio
  • Impervious to termites, rot and fungus
  • Fiber-47 is a code-conforming stucco, complying with ASTM C 926 and is not to be used in place of a code-recognized one coat stucco basecoat
  • Fiber-47 can be applied in a "double back" method, allowing both the scratch and brown coats to be applied in the same day, saving labor and scaffolding costs in accordance with the following:
    • ASTM C 926 states that "The first basecoat shall become sufficiently rigid to support the application of the second coat without damage to the monolithic continuity of the first coat or its key."
    • IBC 2003, section 2512.8 states that "The second coat is permitted to be applied as soon as the first coat has attained sufficiently rigidity to receive the second coat.

Can be applied over:

  • Lathing with water resistive barrier
  • Code-conforming exterior sheathing
  • Open framing
  • EPS and XPS up to 1-1/2 inches (38.1mm) thick may be incorporated between the lath. and water resistive barrier
  • Sound masonry or concrete

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