MarShield™ Provides a Shielding Solution for US Air National Guard


MarShield recently produced a radiation shielding solution for the 167th West Virginia Air National Guard. They required a custom, portable Radiation Shielding Enclosure, specifically for use on their C-5 Galaxy Aircraft. The C-5 itself is a heavy-cargo transport plane designed to provide strategic airlift deployment and supply combat support forces for the United States Department of National Defence. It is one of the largest aircrafts in the world and it is larger, and can carry more, than any other airlifter in the Air Force inventory. Four engines, mounted on pylons under the wings, power the C-5. Each engine pod is nearly 27 feet (8.2 meters) long and weighs 7,900 pounds (3,555 kilograms). The engines are rated at 43,000 pounds of thrust each. Maximum cargo weight is 270,000 pounds (122,472 kilograms).

The 167th West Virginia Air National Guard, based in Martinsburg WV, turned to MarShield with their request for a portable enclosure to provide a safe workspace for the operator while critical aircraft components are x-rayed. MarShield was able to respond with a solution, and worked closely with them to produce a booth perfectly suited to the task at hand. The attached wheels allow the operator to roll the enclosure to the desired MarShield Radiation Bootharea and stand inside while the necessary components are x-rayed and examined. This is to look for cracks that could develop in the duct welds near the edges of doublers and in the duct supports. Such defects could be caused by vibration and high temperature with subsequent cooling, and the components must be x-rayed to check for these potential problems. Three lead glass viewing windows, 24” x 24” with 1/8” LE (lead equivalency), offer the radiation shielding equivalent to the three lead lined panel walls. The custom booth is 48” wide x 48” deep x 75” high. All five sides are lined with 1/8 ” Pure Lead, 99.94%.

“Dave Holden has been a tremendous help in the creation of the Radiation Shielding Enclosure. He took our original design and modified it to meet our needs and saved us a great deal of money. The workmanship and quality have met our specification. Once he received the order, the enclosure was built and delivered in less than a month. I would recommend MarShield for any project related to radiation shielding. Thank you MarShield and Dave Holden for the safe guarding of the employees of our NDI Lab”.

Todd Ingram Msgt. 167th West Virginia Air National Guard

MarShield is always up to the challenge to design and build custom radiation shielding enclosures, or any other style of radiation protection, that our clients may require.

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