Decorative, Stampable, Cementitious Overlayment

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Deco-Stamp is a stampable, water-based, cementitious, elastomeric overlayment that provides a decorative, easy-to-maintain, trafficable surface. Its durability and weatherability provide superior protection for concrete substrates subject to light to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic and offer a cost-effective solution for existing surfaces.

Whether the substrate is in need of repair and resurfacing or a new construction application, Deco-Stamp's high-performance characteristics and aesthetic appeal ensure years of enjoyment and substrate protection from harsh environmental conditions and high traffic areas.

Deco-Stamp offers unlimited design flexibility using various stamping, staining and sealing techniques commonly used in stamped. Various coloring options are available, whether your project requires integral colorants or post-application coloring techniques. Deco-Stamp offers a versatile solution suited to unique project conditions and application considerations.

It installs at a minimum 1/4" to 5/8" (6.35mm to 15.88mm) finished thickness and is designed for use over properly prepared new or existing concrete substrates. Overlayment materials can be moderately sloped for additional drainage and protection against water pooling and penetration and to prevent elevation problems at doorways, landings, steps, elevator shafts, etc.

About Mer-Ko: decking and waterproofing solutions for pedestrian, vehicular and roof surfaces

Mer-Ko is a leading manufacturer of high-quality elastomeric deck coatings, waterproofmembrane systems, and underlayments. Each system is designed to provide decorative, seamless, long-term protective solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and residential facilities.

We understand the value of your investment and proudly offer the most trusted and reliable products on the market. Our pedestrian and vehicular traffic systems provide high-performance wearing surfaces in conjunction with premium, reinforced waterproofing membranes - Mer-Ko's single-source solution for your waterproofing and decking surface needs.

Enhance the value of your investment by transforming unused space into functional, serviceable areas, turn flat top roof decks into recreational surfaces, add aesthetic appeal and comfort to your pool decks, ensure protection of occupied space, both commercial and residential, and more.

Mer-Ko's investment in high-quality products and our commitment to long-term customer loyalty creates peace of mind for facility owners and property managers. Our responsible product warranty program is designed to provide a single warranty for both waterproofing membrane and decking system that meets your specific facility needs.

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