Landscape Forms launches two new bollards

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Kalamazoo, MI – Landscape Forms, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of award-winning commercial outdoor furniture and accessories, and recently named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 15 Small Workplaces in the United States, is launching two new bollards which offer interesting options. These 21st century bollards are designed to compliment contemporary landscapes and architecture as they delineate pedestrian pathways, separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic and enhance wayfinding.

Paladin bollard features a cast aluminum sleeve mounted over 6” structural pipe and secured with concealed hardware. It is available lighted or non-lighted. Wired lighting features state-of-the-art lighting class LED. Lighted styles may be embedded or surface mounted. The non-lighted style may also feature a removable mount.

Sentinel bollard offers two variations on one sculptural form. The cast aluminum mitre or dome top sleeve also mount on a 6” structural pipe and are secured with concealed hardware. The dome top is available non-lighted and may be embedded, surfaced mounted or removable mount. The mitre top may be lighted or non-lighted. As in the Paladin bollard, wired lighting features state-of-the-art lighting class LED. Again, as in the Paladin bollard, lighted styles may be embedded or surface mounted and the non-lighted style may also feature a removable mount.

Sentinel Security Sleeve is intended for serious security applications. This large dome top bollard is greater in mass and height than the standard version. It is designed specifically for mounting over 10” pipe structure built on site to US Department of State specifications.

About Landscape Forms
Landscape Forms is based in Kalamazoo, MI. The 40-year old company’s product list includes outdoor furniture and accessories. Clients include such well-recognized companies as Boeing, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Harvard University, Disney, Chrysler, Mayo Clinic, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, Sprint, American Airlines, LaGuardia Airport, Microsoft, Nike, United States Tennis Association and many others.

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