New thin brick products


Extruded Brick Units

  • Manufactured to Meet Type TBX. Available in ½” to ¾” Flat Back Units and ¾” only for Dovetail Units.
    -Dovetails 5/8” shell plus 1/8” dovetail = ¾” overall
  • Capabilities to manufacture units up to 16” in length and 4” in height. Includes 12 different sizes ranging from Modular (2-1/4”x 7-5/8”) to Monarch (3-5/8”x 15-5/8”).
  • Select Units with Smooth & Velour Textures for Best Economics.
    - Some heavily textured products such as matt, vertical bark & dart-tex available on a per job basis.
  • Precast Requirements:
    - Waxing of Unit Faces Available
    - Dimensional Tolerances of Plus 0 / Minus 1/16”
    - Grinding of Units Also Available.

Molded Brick Units

  • Manufactured to Meet Type TBA and available in ¾” Flat Back Units only.
    - Plant 3 – Antique Colonials
    - Modular: 2-1/4”x 7-5/8”
    - Jumbo Standard: 2-5/8”x 8”
    - Plant 8 – Belcrest
    - Modular: 2-1/4”x 7-5/8”

About Belden Brick
In the US brick industry, The Belden Brick Company is the sixth largest (by production volume) manufacturer. Belden Brick is the largest family owned and managed brick company in the United States. The Belden Brick Company is a member of the Brick Industry Association and The Brick Institute of America, Mid East region. The Company is currently managed by the fourth generation of the Belden family.

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