National Gypsum Debuts Newest ‘Purple Choice’


National Gypsum today introduced the building community to its newest purple choice, e2XP Extended Exposure Shaftliner, at the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI) Convention and INTEX EXPO 2009 in Nashville.

e2XP Extended Exposure Shaftliner is the primary component of Cavity Shaftwall Systems that are designed to enclose elevator shafts, stairwells and other vertical chases, as well as Area Separation Fire Walls in multi-family housing. National Gypsum’s e2XP Shaftliner is a key component in the I Stud, C-T Stud and C-H Stud cavity shaftwall systems as well as the H-Stud area separation fire wall systems.

“National Gypsum has developed a new weather resistant alternative to traditional shaftliner panels that provides superior sound and fire resistant qualities,” said Jay Watt, director, sales and marketing. “This latest addition to our e2XP family of extended exposure products is an easy-to-install shaftliner that’s backed by the best customer service and product performance the industry has come to expect from National Gypsum.”

The mold- and moisture-resistant shaftliner panel is made with a fire-resistant Type X core. It’s the next application of National Gypsum’s Gold Bond BRAND e2XP technology, which employs a coated fiberglass mat and enhanced core that can withstand up to 12 months of typical weather conditions. Like e2XP Sheathing, e2XP Shaftliner is produced in the signature purple color of National Gypsum’s mold-resistant XP® product family and is named for its capability to withstand extended exposure to the elements.

“At National Gypsum, we continue to be passionate about developing new products and making improvements to existing ones to give the building industry a competitive choice,” said Watt.

National Gypsum’s e2XP Shaftliner is specially coated on the front, back and edges for easy handling and scores and snaps to exact size without sawing. In addition, the lightweight panel’s long sides are double beveled for ease of installation.

About National Gypsum
National Gypsum is a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of building products used worldwide. Primary emphasis is on Gold Bond® BRAND gypsum board, ProForm® BRAND drywall finishing and PermaBase® BRAND cement board; in addition to an XP® family of abuse, impact, mold and moisture resistant products and SoundBreak®, an acoustically enhanced gypsum board.

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