Parex Introduces DPR Optimum Premium Acrylic Finishes

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Apr 21, 2009

Anaheim, CA – ParexLahabra, the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, LaHabra , El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Surewall, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko, today announced the launch of Parex DPR Optimum Premium Acrylic Finishes.

Parex’s new DPR Optimum, with 45% greater polymer content than standard industry finishes, is a premium acrylic finish that has been specially formulated to withstand the abuse of the environment and maintain aesthetic appeal longer than any other industry standard finish. This new DPR Optimum finish has superior test results when compared to other industry standard finishes.

While these finishes are considered premium, building owners should consider that the increased cost provides a longer lasting appeal of their structure. "When you consider the price premium of these finishes to be pennies per square foot of coverage it makes good sense to invest in a higher quality finishes, said Quenton Roehricht, Parex Brand Manager. The DPR Optimum line of acrylic finishes allows a structure to maintain its aesthetic appeal for a longer duration compared to standard finishes. This means reduced cost in recoating the structure and enhanced property appeal to ensure the investment holds its maximum value."

The DPR Optimum acrylic finishes are available in four textures; Swirl Fine, Sand Coarse, Sand Fine, and Sand Smooth. These four textures provide the best array of style options. The Sand Smooth product may be applied as a Smooth finish or utilized as a multi-texture product to allow applicators to replicate a number of different stucco style effects.

About ParexLahabra Inc.
ParexLahabra Inc. is the US based parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, La Habra Stucco, El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Surewall, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko. The product lines of ParexLahabra Inc. are designed for the, new/retrofit, construction of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. The 2002, ISO 9001-2000 certification of Parex helped to substantiate ParexLahabra Inc. as a leader in the building materials industry with over 80 years of combined experience in the US construction industry.

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