Parex Launches 121 Optimum Base Coat and Adhesive

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 26, 2009

ParexLahabra, the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, LaHabra , El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko, today announced the launch of Parex 121 Optimum Base Coat and Adhesive.

Parex 121 Optimum was specifically designed with applicators in mind. Applicators in the market were surveyed to better understand what they wanted out of a bagged base coat and adhesive product. Based on this feedback, the proprietary 121 Optimum formula was developed to be easier for applicators to apply and handle on the wall. “The product was developed to have a creamier consistency to help reduce arm fatigue”, said Quenton Roehricht, Parex Brand Manager. “We have also improved the working time of the product allowing applicators to make corrections as needed”.

Parex 121 Optimum Base Coat & Adhesive is a dry bagged product that is a required component of our Optimum EIFS series, however it can be used in all of Parex EIFS. Overall, the product provides the ability to achieve a more efficient application process for a superior EIFS installation. In addition to EIFS, 121 Optimum can be used as a level coat for cement and masonry walls or for mesh embedment in Parex Krak-Shield (crack reduction) assemblies.

”There has been quite a bit of excitement for the launch of 121 Optimum”. Quenton commented. “Applicators, involved in initial product testing, have eagerly anticipated its launch. We are very pleased with the outcome of 121 Optimum”.

About ParexLahabra Inc.
ParexLahabra Inc. is the US based parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, La Habra Stucco, El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko. The product lines of ParexLahabra Inc. are designed for the, new/retrofit, construction of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. The 2002, ISO 9001-2000 certification of Parex helped to substantiate ParexLahabra Inc. as a leader in the building materials industry with over 80 years of combined experience in the US construction industry. For more information regarding ParexLahabra visit

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