Clean Room Renovation Wraps Up

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jul 03, 2009

Morton Hospital’s 350 sq/ft USP797 clean room in Taunton, MA is to be completed the beginning of June. This project has been in the works for quite some time. Going through approvals and waiting to see what would happen with the mandate were the major hold ups for the project.

One of the challenges on this USP797 project was the chemo exhaust. Needing to comply with NIOSH standards, HWI’s challenge was the “where/how” to run the exhaust from the basement to the roof deck. The situation was handled and completed to the standards.

HWI has serviced other industries in the state of MA, but this project marks the first USP797 hospital for HWI in the state of Massachusetts.

The USP797 Clean room is comprised of an ISO 7 Ante Room, ISO 7 Buffer Zone, ISO 5 Compounding Table, and an ISO 7 Chemo compounding suite. Meeting this Federal mandate has been a major priority for this customer.

HWI has been awarded three other hospital projects in MA and is looking forward to many more to come.

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