Aircraft Engineers Renovate 9000 Square Feet To Increase Capacity

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When it comes to showing you what Dur-A-Flex can do for your business and how to focus on the details, nothing spells it out like a “real world” Case Study. Whether you want to know how other businesses benefited from a Dur-A-Flex floor or if you’re unsure about how a project comes together and what needs to be considered during the project, our Case Studies are here to shed some light on it all.

Step by step you’ll gain an understanding of what type of problem the business owner was looking to address, how our Dur-A-Flex Approved Contractors and Local Flooring Engineers work to thoroughly understand every detail of the project requirements, the schedule of work and why a particular floor system is selected in order to deliver a flooring solutions that actually improves the operation of the business.

Customer: Harlow Aerostructures, Wichita, Kansas
Industry: Aviation
Product: ¼" Power Trowel and Dur-A-Gard with Armor Top

Harlow Aerostructures in Wichita, Kansas, has produced components and developed prototypes for the aircraft industry since 1954. With customers like Cessna, Boeing and Lockheed Martin Company, the engineers at Harlow Aerostructures are committed to providing the best overall value to their customers. These are engineers with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and product development knowledge.

The company owned a building that had about 9000 square feet of unoccupied space so the owner decided to expand their assembly area and utilize this space to increase capacity. The installers had one week to do the job.

The floor surface in the area to be renovated consisted of very old and extremely damaged concrete. The slabs were uneven so the floor had to be leveled to build it up, there were old machine pads on the surface that had to be removed and in some areas the concrete had been painted. Shot blasting, diamond grinding and patching were all needed for this job. This floor had to be reconstructed before the system could be installed.

Dur-A-Flex Sales Representative, Eric Andrews chose Dan Pickens of DLP Services, Inc. to evaluate the surface and make a recommendation for a flooring system. The system they chose was a ¼" power trowel with Dur-A-Gard and Armor Top (no grit).

The owner chose a solid color (grey) for the floor because they often work with small bolts, pins and bearings, and if any of the small pieces were to fall onto the floor, they would be able to find them and retrieve them from the floor. An easy to clean surface was also a requirement because customers are sometimes present in the facility and it was important to the owner to maintain a bright and sanitary environment.

The installation proved to be successful, the owner is happy with the outcome, and the engineers have a newly renovated space in which to build precision aircraft materials and components for their customers.

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