Elite Crete Systems Offers Architects Design Center


Architects Design Center is a free service that we provide to design professionals needing custom made samples of flooring or decorative finishes to show their clients.

Example of how it works:

We were contacted by a development firm who was bidding on the flooring for a new Ferrari theme park in Dubai. This company left the design of the samples completely up to us. The only information we had was that the flooring material needed to be extremely durable and able to withstand up to 400,000 visitors a year. We were also told that Ferrari wanted something different than anything else they had seen.

With that information, we produced the follow samples in our design center.

These samples were produced in less than 24 hours and expedited from Valparaiso, Indiana to Dubai and Ferrari made the decision to specify this look.

How it works:

1. Contact us via email or telephone to discuss the project you have in mind.

2. We will ask a series of questions and request photos of desired, color, pattern, texture or surrounding design theme. (If you do not have this we can still proceed).

3. We will produce 3 to 5 samples based on the information we have received regarding the project.

4. We will expedite the samples directly to you or your client. Note that we must allow the samples to properly cure before shipping. This process could take an additional 48 to 96 hours.

5. We can provide complete application detail, product information and technical documents as well as a complete list of properly training installers in the area of the project location.

To request the Architects Design Center service, click here:

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