Wallwear® Wall Protection by Arden Architectural

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Arden Architectural is committed to leading the industry in producing environmentally friendly products through responsible manufacturing processes. We understand we are in the early stages, and are evaluating everything we make and how we produce it and area researching ways to do it better, greener and more responsibly.

Wood and PVC Handrails
Handrails help maintain ADA compliance and beatify corridors in institutional and commercial buildings. Choose from... More >

Crash Rails and Bumper Guards
Crash rails and bumper guards are mounted at points where mail carts, gurneys chairs or other objects may impact walls. A variety of styles... More >

Metal and PVC Corner Guards
Corner guards prolong the life of walls and prevent the need for costly repairs. Surface mounted models are easy to install... More >

PerpetuWall® Sheet Wall Protection
Maintain the integrity of walls in high-abuse environments with sheet wall protection. Stain resistant... More >

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