Compressed agricultural fiber panels (CAFP) save construction time and offer many LEED advantages

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Sep 07, 2009

Project: Bank of America - Frisco, TX.

Goals and Objectives: Produce a structure that is competitive with conventional construction while affording other advantages inherent with the compressed agricultural fiber panels (CAFP): speed, simplification of trades, low construction waste and LEED advantage.

Results: Speed and efficiency goals were met. Four weeks of construction time was saved in the structural phase of the project.

Multiple LEED advantages were captured, including:

  • CAFP panels have negative carbon footprint
  • Insulation values exceeded bank certification requirements
  • Additional points available for innovation, education and use of re-cycled materials
Recorded energy savings are being measured and there is a significant reduction of up to 20% of electrical (KWH) energy demand due to the R values and tight envelope.

In addition, the assembled structure is safer due to its 2 1/2 hour fire rating, mold/mildew resistance of the fiber panels, and hurricane wind and seismic event qualification.

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