One of today's most popular choices for construction and renovation

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El Rey EIFS is one of today's most popular choices for construction and renovation. El Rey's proven Insul-Flex design provides many unique advantages:

  • Can be finished in an almost unlimited variety of colors and textures
  • Easy to add architectural details
  • Available in varying levels of impact resistance – from standard to high impact
  • Saves time and labor costs with lightweight, easy-to-install assemblies
  • Provides thermal insulation to reduce building operating and energy costs

Insul-Flex® Standard EIFS
Designed for commercial construction and renovation, El Rey Standard EIFS consists of an adhesively attached EPS insulation board and a single layer basecoat reinforced with Krak-Master™ mesh over the entire surface.

  • Developed for commercial construction
  • Provides good impact resistance
  • Eliminates thermal bridging with R-3.8 per-inch rated EPS insulation
  • Flexibility and endurance
  • Adhesive attachment provides high wind load resistance

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