Privacy and Glass: Not Always Synonymous

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Oct 16, 2009

In a world filled with technology and enhanced methods of communication the term privacy is seldom reached. Internet, mobile technology, and sophisticated law-enforcement techniques have limited our privacy as citizens and also as human beings in any natural setting. A "breach" of privacy can be prevented by heightened computer security, conservative internet exposure and other such methods. It is rather funny that an individual cannot even obtain privacy by staying within their homes. The original sense of privacy was established by enclosures within an interior setting, usually where glass or opaque items were not present. Since this privacy cannot be reached due to such technological restrictions a new and innovative solution has been developed.

Avanti Systems USA, an innovative Glass Wall Partition Manufacturer and Installer has developed and integrated the smart solution for attaining this new commodity. The Lunar Crystal Display System (LCD), also referred to as Privacy Glass creates a stunning interior environment with a variety of key characteristics and features. Create two rooms within one space by the simple flip of a switch. Transition from clear to opaque at a split second. The privacy element is provided by colored film or other such textures, available upon the client, organization, or architect's discretion. These textures are built into the smart glass within particles, which are agitated or spread apart when any electric current is introduced. LCD Privacy Glass Walls, the smart solution for optimizing your interior space. Offered exclusively by Avanti Systems USA. Visit for more details!

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