Par-Kut Presidential Booths


The unique yet functional design of the Presidential has made it Par-Kut’s most frequently requested steel building. The stately Presidential is ideal for settings where visual first impressions are critical. With Par-Kut¹s welded steel foundation, the Presidential is best defined by the standing seam metal hip roof. Raised rib exterior wall panels and base trim, colonial style window mullions, crown moldings and a 20 year pre-finished Kynar type or copper roof are available for added elegance.

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About Par-Kut
Since 1954 Par-Kut International has manufactured quality special purpose portable steel buildings for virtually every industry. Initially producing parking booths, Par-Kut manufacturing expertise soon found demand in the security industry. With it’s extensive experience in all welded steel construction, Par-Kut International has most recently found success as a key supplier of ballistic rated enclosures and security officer shelters. Although no method of construction is “bullet proof”, the Par-Kut High Security line of Bullet Resistant Enclosures offer a degree of safety that cannot be found in standard steel construction.Superior welding techniques, inspections and engineering procedures all guarantee that the ballistic protection is achieved as specified. At Par-Kut International, we cover all the angles.

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