New Generation mineral wool products from Knauf Insulation

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Dec 12, 2009

Knauf Insulation has launched a revolutionary new mineral wool, which reduces the product's embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability using patented ECOSE® Technology. With mineral wool insulation already considered the best performing insulation in terms of low environmental impact, this development extends the leading position of mineral wool as the insulation product of the future.

Knauf Insulation mineral wool products with ECOSE® Technology benefit from a natural, formaldehyde-free binder made from rapidly renewable organic materials instead of oil-based chemicals. The technology has been developed for Knauf Insulation's glass and rock mineral wool products, enhancing their environmental credentials without affecting the thermal, acoustic or fire performance.

The ECOSE® Technology binder is up to 70% less energy intensive than traditional oil based binders. With Knauf Insulation mineral wool products containing high recycled and renewable content, this contributes to an already superior performance when it comes to embodied energy. Insulation products made with ECOSE® Technology contain no dye and artificial colours - the colour is completely natural.

"We see sustainability as an evolutionary process, based on continuous improvement and pushing technical boundaries", said Tony Robson, CEO of Knauf Insulation. "This development was driven by our intensive research and development programme to fulfil our desire to provide customers with innovative products that meet the growing market need for more sustainable construction materials, and represents the most significant step change in insulation manufacture in recent years."

Knauf Insulation mineral wool products with ECOSE® Technology are distinguished by a natural brown colour, and the ECOSE® branding is clearly visible on all packaging. ECOSE® Technology will be available within the Knauf Insulation glass and rock mineral wool products in the UK initially, with plans to extend its usage over time and in line with demand across other countries in which Knauf Insulation is present.

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